Friday, February 24, 2012

13 weeks

Yes we're pregnant. This is 13 weeks along. You can only really tell Michelle has a bump if you knew how über skinny Michelle was beforehand.


At about 12 weeks, I decided to grow a goatee, cause Michelle didn't want to kiss me anyway, so why not?

This is one week of growth. Can you see it? If so, you win!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spring in Alcala

A collection of random sightings in Alcalá early this spring.

Classic Euro-mullet:

What is left standing of a very large building on the outskirts of Alcalá.

I think that it is cool that you can see the holes left by the floor beams where they stuck into the brick walls.

This window made a nice frame.

The Henares river runs along the southern border of the city and at one place concrete was laid down to make a ford. It is a favorite hang out for ducks on a hot day.

This is the dirt path that parallels the Henares.

Despite the weather warming up significantly, I still found patches of ice near the river.

On one of my walks, I decided to walk along the river away from the main path around a couple of empty fields. It took me quite a ways from buildings and other people. But then I stumbled upon what I think was to become some sort of clandestine meeting of a whole bunch of old Spanish guys. You can see three  of the five in this picture. One would think that they were just our for a walk until you realize that none of them seem to really go anywhere, but shuffle around the same 40 feet or so. The one in the grey is taking a leak.

Apparently Michelle thought it fit to include this one in the post.