Saturday, July 25, 2009

Babysitting Baby Orden

There's this cute little guy that I watch and play with all the time.
His name is Orden and he is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. I thought I'd put up
some of the pictures from my cell phone that I've taken of him. They
are in order from youngest Orden to oldest Orden (today).

This is Orden when he was just a month old. He's sleeping/drooling on me.

This was sometime during the winter. After Orden went to Brazil to visit his grandparents. When he got back, he didn't remember me and was old enough to cry about it. He got over it quickly (I gave him food :)

Sometime this spring. I think when we went to St. George for Keith and Sara's wedding. Orden is so big! He can drink out of a big people cup!

And Orden, sleeping on my shoulder again. I love this kid.

Orden decided to try his luck at my single's ward BBQ. He was easily the most popular fellow there. And he had a blast! He laughed so hard and giggled so much that I knew he'd crash hard when we got home (he did).

Yum! Michelle's Phone! (That's what he's thinking in this picture.)

This is how I check to see if he's asleep when I'm holding him. I don't want to move him until he's solidly asleep, so I take pictures of him with my phone to see if he's just sitting and staring or if he's sleeping.

Bath time! He thought the running water was so cool.

And today, on the swing. Look at that adorable smile! And his happy giggle. (You can't hear it here, but you can see the giggle on his face. Trust me, it's a happy one.)