Wednesday, July 11, 2012

32 Weeks

We visited my parents and I stayed for a week while Hollis went back to Seattle to start work.  My mom took me to the store and bought me some NEW MATERNITY CLOTHES! I've been wearing the same five outfits for months.  And I am SO EXCITED to have new clothes.  Especially these stylish dresses.  (By the way, Ross is the best store for maternity clothes!)


And this is a shot of my belly in another new dress.  Oh cute baby bump!  I love it now that I have such cute clothes!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Demolition Derby

Every year on Independence Day, there is a Demolition Derby in Waterville, about 40 minutes from Wenatchee. Brian and I went this year and it was awesome!

Look, we are having so much fun!!!

They had lap races with some heavy bumping, followed by some figure eight races with heavy hitting. It all ended up with the actual demolition derby with some serious smashing. It was most excellent. There was almost a roll over, but before the one smashing into him could flip the car, he broke his flag (signifying he was out of the competition). My favorite car was a ghostbuster style station wagon decked out in Spam decor.

New car, new job

Hollis and I found our new car the day after we arrived back in the US. It was just a touch higher than our goal spending, but it was also a touch better than we anticipated.

Meet our new Toyota Corolla:

We promptly detailed the car inside and out. The above picture shows one head light cleaned up and the other still foggy. We like this car a lot. It also happens to look nearly identical to our brother-in-law's car.

Also, the day after purchasing our car, Hollis landed a job! It's at Rodda Paint. He got the job the same day he interviewed for it. So awesome! Things are falling into place quickly for us. I thank our Heavenly Father for the blessing of Hollis finding work so quickly. Hooray!