Monday, September 15, 2008

In full swing

I just started my last semester of classes of my undergraduate education. It's weird to think that soon I won't have classes anymore (until I go to graduate school, that is). But because it is my last semester, I have a TON of classes that I'm taking. I'm taking 17 credits (you only need 12 to be considered a full-time student) and I'm working "15" hours per week (right now I'm clocking in around 8 to 10 hours, so it's not too bad. And I haven't yet had to do homework on a weekend. But that's been my policy my entire college career thus far.

In school-related news, I took the GRE on Friday. I scored quite well--well enough that I should be able to get into the graduate programs that I'm interested in.

And in college-related news, BYU's football team is now ranked #14 in the nation! And last Saturday we STOMPED the UCLA team! 59-0!

This is us after we recovered a fumble--the first of three we recovered! We scored about 7 seconds later. Yeah. That's how we do.

This is a great shot of one of our players scoring. Again.

This picture is actually from last week's game against University of Washington. We beat them 28-27. We could have played better, but did alright. Our quarterback man is awesome! Go Max Hall!

And this beauty shows Jan Jorgensen blocking the PAT Washington (UW) tried to kick to put the game into overtime. But we BLOCKED their kick! It was awesome.
Yeah. I love college.