Friday, January 22, 2010


Wednesday night Hollis sent me a text - When are you out of class tomorrow? Do you want to come to some museums in Tacoma? And of course, I said "YES." I love museums. And they were free that day.
So we went. There was this glass museum - we watched someone sculpt a glass vase. Then we went to a bigfoot exibit in the museum of natural history. The group of us then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, we ran all over this stone fountain because it was fun. Layne and Hollis ran and skipped on it before dinner, and it looked like so much fun, so we did it after dinner too!
(L to R: Hollis, me, Layne)
Tacoma is fun, but it did smell bad (just like people say).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Warm and Sunny Seattle

Can you believe it's the middle of January? It's so fantastically warm!

And yes, I know my face is kind of funny. It was really sunny.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Service Project at Seward Park

The University of Washington sponsors a day of service every year to honor the memory of Martin Luther King. As the member of the institute council in charge of campus relations, I had the opportunity to be a group leader for UW. I signed up for a service project at Seward Park. We were supposed to be planting trees. I signed up for that project so that we wouldn't have to pull up any nasty pokey bushes. But the week before the project, the design changed: we were now pulling blackberry bushes.

We were sad, but we went anyway! This picture is the "we're-going-to-be-pulling-blackberries-and-dominate!" faces.

(L to R: Jon, Hollis, Maren, Laura)

Maren didn't seem to have the intimidation face down. Just the "Yay! I'm excited to be here!" face.

To be nice, our group (the Latter-day Saint Student Association) volunteered to provide lunch for everyone. I had Maren head up the lunch-making committee and asked four people to help her.

(L to R: Hollis, Maren, [can't see her face], Jon)

The project coordinator told me that there were going to be 150 people there (our group composed of 32 or so). I prepared for 200.

Yes, that is a lot of lunches. The only problem was that there ended up being about 250 people there. We had to get creative and some of us went without lunches so we could get the last several people fed.

During lunch there may or may not have been a spontaneous dance party. We did get one non-Mormon to join us.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Institute Olympics

Our winter opening social came pretty quickly - the first Friday of the new semester! We had lots of planning to do, and we really wanted the activity to be fun for everyone involved. This was the awesome sight that people saw as they entered the institute:
(L to R: Maggie, Maren, Brad, and me)
These wonderful people were there to greet people as they arrived and give them their name tag. Each ward was a team, and the name tags were color coded by ward.
I was in charge of the first event - human curling. We structured it as a cross between bocce ball and shuffle board, but with office chairs. There was an X on the ground that was the target.

(Maggie trying to wiggle the chair closer to the target)
Sometimes, the chairs were so close that precise measuring was required.

(Jon and I using our bodies to measure the distance)
Next came speed sock skating. I thought that I was going to be schooled by the boys that I was racing against. However, I was the least massive, so my inertia didn't carry me wide. I was able to keep my feet better and I schooled the boys!

Our institute director and full-time teacher raced against each other. It was absolutely hilarious! The race was a close one (you can see them at the finish line here). Hollis declared, "And the winner is... everyone who just watched that!"
(L to R: Brother White, Brother Knowles)
The next event was razor scooter/nerf gun biathlon. Instead of participating in that, we choreographed our dance routine for the synchronized donut eating contest.

(L to R: Hope, Carrie, Me - Maren is the pink arm you can see behind hope)
Our performance was... well, not nearly as cool as we thought it would be. But not bad. Funny.

I stuffed TWO donuts into my face. It was pretty disgusting.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

I got back from Wenatchee in time to go to the YSA New Year's Dance. It was so much fun. Carrie, Hollis, Maren, Rhea, Lizzie, and I went in a large group.

(Carrie and Me)

(Maren and Me)

I had a blast dancing! There were six of us in the group. We ate dinner together and decided to drive over in the same car. It was awesome. We had to do four people in the back seat, and I double buckled with both Hollis and Maren (as my parents taught me to). Hollis was really happy to be going to a dance with five girls.