Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend in Wenatchee

Over President's Day weekend, Hollis and I went to Wenatchee to go skiing and visit my family. Our friends Owen and Lora came too. Hollis and Lora had never been skiing before, and so Owen and I were pretty excited to see them learn.

I knew Hollis would be good, but he surprised me. He just started zipping down the mountain way before I thought he would! He is a stud.

After a long day of skiing, Lora and I had amazing hair. So amazingly beautiful, Hollis just had to take a picture of us.

The next day (Sunday) was Valentine's day. I wanted to show Hollis, Owen, and Lora some of my favorite things about Wenatchee, so we went down to the Loop Trail by the Columbia River. I think it's absolutely gorgeous, but Owen and Hollis were missing the very green Western Washington vegetation they are used to.

We found this random cement thing, and we took pictures by it. This is Hollis successfully "leaning" (see the movie "While You Were Sleeping" for a complete definition).

Before we left on Monday, Hollis was making fun of my overly large coats. I like my coats to have sleeves long enough to keep my arms completely covered. Hollis insisted that we both could fit inside one of my coats.

Apparently we do fit.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Punk Rock Concert

Yes. I went to a punk rock conert. And yes, I did enjoy it.
Bowling for Soup came to Seattle. Allen invited a few people to come with him to the concert. Cassie, Allen, Jon, Hollis, and I carpooled to the venue. Jon was so cute - acting like a 12 year old little boy because he was so excited to see one of the bands that was opening for Bowling for Soup: Moneta! He yelled their name out about every five minutes or so. Allen captured Jon's excitement:
(L to R: Jon, Hollis, Me)

At one point, Jon and Hollis decided to have a contest. They agreed that they would walk into the bar area and not talk to anyone. But they would set a timer on their phone to find out how long it would be until a girl talked to them. Jon entered the bar area. He finally came out six minutes later, victorious. Hollis set his timer and strutted into the bar area. He was back very quickly - 45 seconds in, a man talked to him. Fifteen seconds later, a female said hi and touched his arm. He said hi back, felt victorious, and returned. I'm so proud of him :)

One of the bands that opened, Feverclub, played a number that they wanted us to slow dance along to. Hollis and I were happy to oblige.

After the song, the lead singer pointed to us in the crowd when she was thanking people (us) for dancing. We later went up to the band in their booth to tell them we liked their show. They totally remembered us. Said we were awesome. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Man Hollis

Yep. That's right. I have a man.

Though it's been tempting, I've resisted acting like this stick figure.

Of course, you should replace the word "girlfriend" with the word "boyfriend." But I completely understand that little stick guy's desire to drop the fact that he has a girlfriend into every sentence. I don't, but I often want to.

The fact that we're dating isn't a secret. In fact, the Institute was kind of buzzing about it for a tiny bit (not everyone, but, well, lots of people). Apparently there were several people who thought we should be dating (Allen Brand wrote a post on his blog that mentioned us - we're two of the four people he mentions).

This is a picture that Allen took of us. Apparently he thinks we're adorable. (To quote his caption on this picture, "Let's check: yep their adorableness just made me throw up a little."

Also, apparently Hollis and I don't really do "normal" faces in pictures. Not much anyway. These are two recent photos of us. I'm so glad that we learned how to smile properly. How else could we so fantastically refuse to conform?

And yes, the expression on my face is intentional.