Sunday, December 7, 2008

Academy Awards

This is the cast of our award-winning show: Provo Hills. We took Best Picture, Best Character (Jon Doxey), and People's choice!

The ward provided food--Costa Vida catered, so we all got delicious free burritos or salads. It was quite yummy. And I looked absolutely amazing!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Intramural Championship

During this season, we developed a rival team: the tie-dyes. I don't know if they were aware that they were our rivals, but they were. We played them three times. The first time, during the regular season, we were losing at the beginning. But their team was so annoying, we couldn't bear to loose. So we stepped it up and beat them! It felt good.

Then the tournament came. Both of us were coming off two victories. The game started, and we just couldn't do anything on offense. We couldn't catch; we couldn't run. Luckily, for the most part, they couldn't do anything either because our defense is rock solid. However, they have this one really fast girl. She would try to run it, but we could usually stop her. But one time, our middle defense person missed her flags. Then I ran into one of their players and missed her entirely. Then our safety fell down. Despite the fact that I chased her down the entire field, she still scored. It was their only score of the game; they won.

So we went to the losers' bracket of the tournament. And we won our next two games. The tie-dyes lost their next game, so we were to play them again. We planned our attack. We knew their defensive weaknesses, and we planned to take full advantage of them. We knew who their fast girls were, and we shut them down. Every pass they threw got intercepted, and we ended up winning dramatically: 30-7. It felt so good. That win was good enough for us to take 2nd place.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Provo Hills

This week our FHE group made movies for the Oscar Night we're having this Saturday. We did a spoof of a TV series called "Lagoona Beach," but called our show "Provo Hills: The Real Utah County"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Intramurals rock

We won our second flag football tournament game today. Neither of us scored in the entire game, so we had to go into overtime. The other team got the ball first, and we intercepted it on the third down. Then we got the ball, and scored on our third down. Actually, they intercepted our first third down pass, but there were penalties on the play, so we got repeat third down. We scored, but in the process, a girl on the other team fell down and twisted her knee. So we won, but felt bad cheering about it. But we still won.

Monday, September 15, 2008

In full swing

I just started my last semester of classes of my undergraduate education. It's weird to think that soon I won't have classes anymore (until I go to graduate school, that is). But because it is my last semester, I have a TON of classes that I'm taking. I'm taking 17 credits (you only need 12 to be considered a full-time student) and I'm working "15" hours per week (right now I'm clocking in around 8 to 10 hours, so it's not too bad. And I haven't yet had to do homework on a weekend. But that's been my policy my entire college career thus far.

In school-related news, I took the GRE on Friday. I scored quite well--well enough that I should be able to get into the graduate programs that I'm interested in.

And in college-related news, BYU's football team is now ranked #14 in the nation! And last Saturday we STOMPED the UCLA team! 59-0!

This is us after we recovered a fumble--the first of three we recovered! We scored about 7 seconds later. Yeah. That's how we do.

This is a great shot of one of our players scoring. Again.

This picture is actually from last week's game against University of Washington. We beat them 28-27. We could have played better, but did alright. Our quarterback man is awesome! Go Max Hall!

And this beauty shows Jan Jorgensen blocking the PAT Washington (UW) tried to kick to put the game into overtime. But we BLOCKED their kick! It was awesome.
Yeah. I love college.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MTC crew happenings

Today I got to work 1.5 hours late because I had to wait for the carpet cleaner guy to get to my apt. He was on time, I think, but I had scheduled him to come an hour after I was supposed to be at work, so that's why I was late.

When I got to work, the crew had left me the 48" mower, which was wayyyy nice because I wanted to use that machine. The grass was so wet that it caked onto the mower and left trails of "cow pies" that had to be shoveled up.

I also got to drive the tractor because I was repairing sprinklers. I repaired THREE without any help! It was great to see that I had remembered what Lloyd had taught me the year before.

Kirk out.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Family Time!

I went home for the month of July--"home" meaning I spent a month with my family. Soon after I got home, Natalie, Brian, my dad, and I (and a couple of brian's friends) went to the demolition derby in Waterville.

This is Natalie's face :)

Natalie's other face.
My face :o)

After we amused ourselves by taking pictures of ourselves, the actual derby started. It was great fun, and there were fireworks afterword.