Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hollis got a new bike (Summer 2010)

Okay, so it was this summer, but I sort of fell off the face of the blogging world since July. We had another family reunion, my sister got married, we went to Mexico, and all sorts of fun stuff. Let's see if I can get caught up during Christmas break - updates on the end of summer and all fall! (I've missed blogging; good thing it's so easy to start again.)
Hollis and I got a ton of gift cards to Target. Our first purchase with them was Hollis's bike. He was SO excited when it arrived. I would describe, but his face pretty much speaks for itself.
After opening and assembling it, Hollis decided to take the bike for a test ride:

He rode his bike for just about anything he could think of. When he needed to check to see if it was recycling week, he jumped on his bike and rode down the driveway.

Also, Hollis's wedding ring arrived in the mail. He likes it a lot.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Total Ridiculous Dream Commentary

So Michelle and I regularly wake up in the morning and talk about our dreams. I thought we could discuss that here.

So there is a game in the movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's book The Fantastic Mr. Fox called Whack-Bat. Kinda like Cricket, kinda like an obstacle course. Well I had a dream the other night that I was playing Whack-Bat in waist deep water. Needless to say, it was difficult, but I think I did well.

A few nights later I dreamt. That I was trying to turn left onto a road with a center median so I took a wide right turn to get into the far left lane only to accidentally drive right onto the median which was really a small playground in the middle of the road. Well I drive through the park to an exit on the left side and I get going the direction I want to go only to realize that apparently I am driving my car from the rear passenger seat. From this spot I can't see any of my mirrors and if I could have, it wouldn't have helped because I was in the wrong seat. I also couldn't see forward very well because the front seat was in the way. This is when I begin stressing about all the illegal things I have recently done (drove through a playground) slash was doing (driving my car from the back seat and not even doing a tidy job of it). Naturally in dreams this is when the police show up. So they obliged and I start freaking out about how I'm in the backseat and they're gunna pull me over and think that I was crawling around trying to avoid them and should I or should I not jump out of the car and try and quickly run around to the drivers seat when I pull over and if I do will they think I'm trying to get away and shoot me?! Anyway, I decide it's best to pull over regardless, but all of a sudden I can't because my right arm is trapped behind my head and is being held there by my seat belt. I start yankin on it to free it and then I wake up to find myself laying on top of my arm. No, it had not fallen asleep yet.

While I've been up reading and writing blogs in bed, Michelle pulled out her arm, held it up and waved it around. Her explanation when she woke up? "Brian was a baby and I was giving him a high five." 'Nuff said.

(Note added by Michelle: Brian is my brother; he is now 13 years old.)