Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crapo family reunion

We drove from Fort Warden to Westport, leaving one family reunion to go to another. We were camping, but the beach was AWESOME!

Hollis was really excited to get into the ocean.

He is the champion of jumping into waves. The little kids even got to try (with parent's help, of course).

I also enjoyed the waves, once I got over how cold the ocean was. Hollis liked the faces I pulled.

Spending time with family is awesome.

The next week we also spent more time with the Crapos for our sibling family reunion (aka Super FAT).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Merrill Family Reunion

The Merrill family reunion was the first week of August at Fort Warden. We stayed in the officers quarters that were built in the early 1900s. The buildings were really cool!

Our family occupied two of these houses.

We explored some old bunkers. And we had a beach day. We had a lot of fun wading in the water looking for wildlife.  Several people found a crab and were trying to pick it up.  Hollis succeeded, but sacrifed his thumb.

After getting a piece of Hollis, the crab was more willing to pose for pictures - including this gem of Tom teasing his daughter.

Also, my grandma wanted a complete family picture. And so my family also got family pictures.

My favorite picture is one Brian set up and had our cousin Sarah take.

Brian also took a lot of other good pictures, including this amazing display of family coordination:

And of course, there was the big family photo.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hollis's Lovely Hair

We were at Tom and Beth's house and I decided that I really wanted to do Hollis's hair. Natalie was recording some of my grandpa's stories so we could have a record of them. I enjoyed listening to them, but also really, really wanted to do Hollis's hair. So I quietly put pigtails in all of his hair. And, Hollis's hair being what it is, it remained divided into groups after I pulled the elastics out.

My husband is such a good sport.