Sunday, April 26, 2009

So then this one day I graduated...

They tell you that this one day will come... But it was kinda
unexpected somehow.

I was a bit excited to be graduating :)

You should notice the hot shoes I'm wearing... my sister Heather bought them in Spain (for herself, but they fit me!).

Me and my darling little brother. He's wearing a REAL tie! I bought it for him the day before.

He really wanted to be graduated too. And he's still adorable.

Look at him! Already graduated from college and only 11! I'm proud to be the sister of such a genius (or such a joker ;~P)

We're a cute bunch, I think. Natalie, Brian, Me, and Heather

We're making a Y, in honor of BYU. Notice their BYU T-shirts and the Y on the mountain in the background.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Merrills and their surprises

So today we Merrills showed our true colors and our love of surprising each other. I bought plane tickets home about two months ago to surprise my entire family by showing up when they "knew" I couldn't be home. I asked my friend Kari's parents to drive me to my house.

Three hours later, my mom and sister caught an earlier flight to Wenatchee than the flight they were scheduled to be on. Ironically, they ran into Kari, and hitched a ride home with her parents too. The funniest reunion of them all was my mom and sister and I all looking at each other and asking, "What are you doing here?"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Making a movie

My ward made an AWESOME video spoof of the trailer for the movie Taken. Enjoy!

I did all the filming and editing. Scott Smoot did all the sound and wrote the initial script. Nick Andersen directed and told us what shots to get.