Thursday, June 25, 2015

We love the zoo

And Leroy loves getting his picture taken. 

"Take a picture of me eating my banana ON the hippopotamus."

"Mom! Take a picture of me!"

Afton got to relax and eat her banana while Leroy ran around. 

Leroy got to see the lion walk right by his face. "It's the papa lion!!"

We stopped for a while at a playground in the zoo. "Mom, I'm good at hiding."

I forgot to bring my Ergo to the zoo - oops! Normally I use it at the end of the day because Leroy is too tired to walk out of the zoo without crying several times. It just takes longer than I like. Normally I put either Leroy or Afton on my back in the Ergo and the other child goes in the stroller. After carrying Afton in one arm and trying to push Leroy with the other, I finally convinced Leroy to hold Afton on his lap. 

She really did like it when we were moving. 

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